Kotlin ANKO is almost going to end it's journey. (going to be deprecated)

The name ANKO, Only the experienced kotlin developers know the power of it. Sadly, It is going to be discontinued in the future.  

ANKO covered many areas, such as 




Common Utilities

You can find the reason here, why they are going to stop the project even tough it is a successful one. 

Android has given alternative for those who are going to use the ANKO like features in their future projects.


splitties has View DSL same as ANKO and lots of other mini kotlin helper libraries. 

For Example, showing AlertDialog will be written in splitties like,

 alertDialog {
            messageResource = R.string.msg
            okButton { callmeForanyTasks() }
        }.onShow {
            positiveButton.textColorResource = R.color.gray

     Android KTX.

      This is released officially. It contains extension functions, extension properties lambdas and etc...


I will write some more stuffs when i get some free time

Written by Zumry Wahid 9 months ago

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