What is Appsgit

APPSGIT.COM offers resources, tips and tricks and articles for Native Android and iOS application development. Our main focus is to gather all the resources to one place and let our audinece enjoy them. And most of our resources are based on native app development specially the swift and kotlin based app development.

Kotlin and swift are most modern languages and they play key role in app development in the recent past.

Our articles will be fun to read and it will contain more knowldge too. Don't copy any of our articles please!

Even though our target audiences are Indie mobile app developers, app will contains resources for expereinced developer as well. Help us to continue our journey until dooms day. 😀

Behind the door

Hello! 👋 This is Zumry here, the founder of AppsGit. A self taught developer with more than seven years of experience in mobile app development including swift, kotlin objective-c and Java.

Also I am passionate about contributing to the iOS & Android open source community. Check my Stack overflow profile for my Q&A. and github/zumrywahid account if you are interested.

I like team work and I like to help other members in my team and I know there are lots of resources around the world for mobile app developers to learn and develop apps. But sometime it will be hard to find most suitable solution or advice when you are struggling for a problem, therefore my main focus is on bringing all the resources to one place.

Why appsgit.com needs your support

Gathering resources and presenting it to the audience is not an easy work. We need lots dedication and more & more time. Help us by providing suggestions for changes and correction for articles if you have found any mistakes.

AppsGit provides you totally free resources and as well as paid resources. Please subscribe to my mailing list for the latest updates.

Thank you for your support!✌️+❤️